I have  to tell you how much I love my new bass buggie. I have played bass  seriously since 1993 and have tried handtrucks, bass wheels, shoulder  straps and homemade dollies. This product is by far the best I have  used. Lightweight, small and easy to pack, goes on the bass with the  case or without. I will recommed it to my students. Thank you again.
Lisa Burns

I love  my bass buggy! I have a small bass but I am a short lady, I needed some  "wheels" in a bad way! Some friends got together and bought me a bass  buggy for a present, it is awesome! It "saves" my back so much that it is not an  issue anymore to get it in and out of the house and loaded. It's great  that it "stands" while I open doors, etc. Walking up a hill is so much  easier with the bass in my "hand" instead of trying to carry it and  walk. A very well thought out invention!
Marilyn Repp

This  double bass buggie is fantastic! You've saved my spine, not to mention  my sanity. It's easy to put on, and easy to trundle the bass around.  Makes moving a bass as easy as walking around.
Susan Bradley

Where  were you guys 50 years ago? I can?t believe how beautiful this buggie  works. The first time I used it was at Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA.  Naturally, musicians are second rate citizens so we enter thru the rear  & thru the kitchen. I go down a service ramp, thru 3 big rubber  doors, down a hallway, up an elevator, & across the hall into the  ballroom. For a 72 year old bugger, this was a cakewalk. Thanks again.
Ray Matula
Lititz, Pa